Form 6 Thames Explorer

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Form 6 braved the rain and wind and visited the Thames Explorer Trust. In their wellies, the girls waded into the water for river dipping, catching shrimp, tiny flounder and even one Chinese crab. On Chiswick Pier they carried out experiments to determine the depth and speed of the river as well as taking the air and water temperature. Back in the warm and dry, they tested the pH level of tap water and Thames water and found that they were surprisingly similar. This shows the progress which has been made in cleaning up the capital’s river. The girls then learnt about the changes in the way we live our lives and how these have affected the life of the Thames. Despite the unpromising conditions, it turned out to be a very informative, absorbing and enjoyable day!

1H Class Assembly

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Form 1H’s Class assembly was all about St George’s day. They told their version of how George killed a dragon to save a princess. The children loved acting and singing their way through the story. They also explained how this made George the Patron Saint of England and is the main reason as to why we celebrate St George’s day on 23rd April. All of the children in 1H worked really hard practising the assembly. They spoke clearly and had lots fun. Well done 1H.

Y4 Reduce the Use of Plastic Campaign

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In Year 4, we are campaigning to reduce the use of plastic within our school community and beyond. This campaign was initiated by the Year 4 girls, led by Eliza, and supported enthusiastically by Miss Kersey.

Eliza shared her concerns about the amount of plastic entering the oceans by creating posters and presenting a PowerPoint to the class. She told us about the shocking amount of plastic that is dumped in our oceans, affecting marine life and killing sea animals.  As a class we decided to do something positive to highlight this issue and make a change.  As plastic is man-made, it is our responsibility to solve the problems that we have created.

During a whole school assembly, the girls delivered a thought-provoking presentation in which they shared facts about the catastrophic effect plastic is having on our environment. Did you know that in the UK each household uses around 480 plastic bottles a year but only recycles 270 of these bottles?

The class has designed and decorated linen bags to raise money for the WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation charity. These practical and attractive bags are being sold after school for £2.50 and all have their own unique image. So far, we have sold 31 bags and look forward to that number increasing over the coming weeks.

Please help us to make a change.

Visit from Rebecca Jones, BBC Arts Correspondent

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Rebecca Jones, BBC Arts Correspondent, inspired Form 6 through an intriguing workshop on newspaper headlines. The girls, imagining they were editors, had to prioritise seven news stories.  Each story had appeared in a newspaper on Wednesday 18th April but in an unknown order.  This innovative exercise generated lively discussion as girls justified their choices of the most/least important story. The denouement was the moment when Rebecca Jones showed us the original front pages of a diverse range of newspapers from that date.  We then all realised that each story had been headline news on a different daily newspaper and, thus, there was no right or wrong answer. Brilliant experience for us all.

Easter Bonnet Parade and Church Service

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The whole school attended a wonderful Easter Service that included some songs from the choir and soloists performances.  The children paraded around in their Easter Bonnets, which were beautifully decorated with vibrant spring colours.

2W Assembly celebrating Florence Nightingale

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Year 2W performed a fantastic assembly based on the life of Florence Nightingale. They delighted the audience with their excellent portrayal of the characters and their lovely singing. They should feel extremely proud of all their superb performances.

Tudor Themed Assembly Performed by 2A

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2A performed a magnificent assembly detailing the life of King Henry VIII. Along the way, they delighted the audience with Tudor dancing and singing. All the children worked incredibly hard to learn their lines and they should all feel extremely proud of both their performances.