Form 3 visit to Verulamium Museum

By October 18, 2017All School News

In Roman times, the town of St. Albans was called Verulamium and was burnt to the ground by the warring Boudicca only to be rebuilt by the Romans.  The girls really enjoyed their workshop where they were free to touch and pick up Roman objects found beneath their feet during past excavations.  When trying to work out their use, some of the artefacts were far more puzzling than others.  Some caused revulsion; why would they have a sponge on the end of a stick?  Did they really use a tiny spoon to scoop wax out their ears? One of the most impressive ideas was a ring that was not decorated with a pretty stone but a key to a precious container.  Was this where ‘keyring’ comes from?  They enjoyed the intricate mosaics that must have taken months or years to make, the decorative coins made from precious metals and of course, the remains of dead bodies in lead coffins.