Form 6 visit the Nursery

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The Nursery children had a wonderful experience meeting some of the girls in Form 6. They enjoyed having stories read to them, building together, and creating using the play dough. We look forward to another visit soon!

Form 3 trip to the British Museum

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The girls in Form 3 enjoyed a fun day out at the British Museum on Monday 5 February.  In the morning they had a workshop using different devices to study paintings in Nebamun’s tomb in order to find out what he enjoyed and looked forward to in the Afterlife.  They created their own versions to show what they really enjoy in life.  Food features prominently!  To see their pictures click on this link:

Their favourite memories from going around the galleries include seeing the Rosetta Stone, beautiful decorations on pots and of course mummies, including mummified cats and crocodiles.

Cross Country Championships Form 4, 5 & 6

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On 23 January, 18 girls from Forms 4, 5 & 6 travelled to Barn Elms Sports Trust to compete against six other schools in the annual Cross Country Championships hosted by St James.

The recent wet weather left conditions less than ideal for the runners. The Form 4 girls were first to compete, running two short laps totaling 1km. They started off strongly and Frieda narrowly missed out on a top ten finish.

The Form 5 girls ran extremely well in the next race, over the longer distance of 1.5km, finishing 4th in the team event.  Three girls finished in the top 20, with Midge in 6th place and Elise in 9th.

Form 6’s race was very exciting, with Amelia and last year’s winner being well ahead of the other runners. Even with a strong end to the race, Amelia couldn’t quite overtake the leader before the finish line, but finished with a well-deserved Silver medal.

Well done to all the girls on their fantastic performances and competing exceptionally well. They all gained some excellent experience and had a very enjoyable afternoon of races.

1H Drama Workshop

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1H enjoyed a drama workshop all about toys. They learnt about how toys have evolved over time and got to act out being their favourite toy! All the children really enjoyed the workshop and had lots of fun.

Global Goals

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Chiswick and Bedford Park Preparatory will be taking part in the world’s largest lesson for the third year running. This year’s Global Goal focus is ‘Zero Hunger ‘. The School Council presented the goal to the whole school  during assembly and gave ideas on how to be a part of making a better world by 2030.

Drama Workshop

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As part of the geography and history curriculum, Reception, Forms 1 and 2 took part in a drama workshop. Lucy from ‘Perform’ led the Reception children and Form 2 on a journey around the world to discover interesting facts through song, dance and movement.  The pupils in Form 1 were fascinated to learn about toys from the past and today.

Form 5 Fair Play Award

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Congratulations to the Form 5 team ‘The Hooplas’ – Sophie, Hannah G, Darcy, Elise, Poppy, Holly, Zahara, Camille and Midge who won the Fair Play Award last term in the Friday night Netball League at Rocks Lane.