The high quality of education offered at Chiswick & Bedford Park Preparatory School extends far beyond the school day.

We have an excellent choir and there are thriving flute and recorder groups. Many pupils take private Music classes and tuition is offered in piano, singing, recorder and flute.

Pupils in Year 1 may attend an optional Musicianship class before  school.

Our Spring Concert celebrates the impressively high standard of Music within the School, with performances by the choir, flute and recorder groups and contributions from pupils who take private Music lessons.

Pupils in all year groups perform in our full school concerts, which explore wide ranging themes through drama, poetry, movement, music and dance.

From Year 2 upwards pupils can choose from an exciting selection of clubs, which take place before or after school.   These vary from term to term.   Junior and senior sports clubs are offered, such as Netball, Football, Rounders, Running and Fitness.   Other clubs include Art, Dance, Senior and Junior Drama, Origami, Craft, Storyboarding and Animation, Board Games and Homework Clubs.

In each class from Year 2 upwards, pupils elect 2 members per term, to represent them on the School Council, which meets regularly so that Class Representatives can propose and discuss their suggestions for the School. This enables pupils to feel part of the decision-making process.

Pupils respect the school rules, which have been drawn up by members of the School Council and at playtime, children follow the Playground Rules, also devised by the School Council, to make playtime safe and happy for everyone. Peer mediation empowers children by developing their skills and confidence to deal with situations and the Friendship Stop gives them the opportunity to call and make new friends.

On entering the Reception Year, children are placed in one of four houses: Shaw, Hogarth, Yeats and Thornycroft. Various house events are held during the year. In addition pupils try hard to earn house points, which are totalled each half term to determine the winner of the House Cup. On Sports Day house teams compete to win the Sports Day Trophy.