Curriculum – Learning in and out of the Classroom and beyond the School Gates

Our curriculum is broad and balanced, going beyond the National Curriculum to challenge and inspire our pupils. Our enthusiastic teachers plan carefully to ensure that lessons are stimulating and children are motivated to learn, whether in the classroom, on the sports field or in the hall, enjoying dance, music or drama sessions.

The curriculum is enriched by regular educational outings linked to the topics being studied. Guest speakers are also invited into School, either to lead workshops, or to share their specialist knowledge with our pupils. In addition, pupils in each year group from Reception upwards are taken on approximately two educational outings each term. Teachers organise these visits to link in with topics which are being studied, to enhance the children’s understanding through first-hand experience and to make learning meaningful.

In Year 6 pupils participate in a residential activity course spending approximately 5 days at an Educational Activity Centre. They are accompanied and supervised by our own staff, plus fully trained and qualified instructors at the centre. Residential courses offer new and exciting challenges for children, and by living with their peers and working together in a team environment, help them to develop independence, confidence and an ability to recognise strengths and weaknesses in constructive ways.

Within the School pupils progress through three stages of educational development: The Early Years Foundation Stage (ages three to five years), Key Stage 1 (ages five to seven years) and Key Stage 2 (ages seven to eleven years).