Thank you so much for allowing me to accompany you on the year 2 trip to Barnes today. It is always a privilege to watch you teaching and interacting with the children and once again you both amazed me with how you deal with all the children and how fun you made it for them all, while still keeping them learning, safe and well behaved.

I had a nice chat with the wetlands volunteer who ran the pond dipping section, she was very impressed with all the childrens classroom etiquette, knowledge and ability to work together in teams, she was very complimentary about the school, in her words the best year 2 class she could recall hosting.

I am exhausted after a day in your world, no idea how you keep that up, day after day and week after week, but thank you.

Current parent, May 2022
"I just wanted to send you a quick message to thank you for engaging with the parents so well during Diversity week, I think that you have made an excellent start on tackling this important and potentially difficult subject. The feedback and support from the parents has been excellent, both from those involved and those who have heard about what has been going on from their children, who all seem to have enjoyed the week.

Having been involved with another parent in setting up and organising the parents side of things I also wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what a great job we feel Ms Horsburgh has done, in being the parents point of contact on this. She has really gained a great deal of support and respect from the parents across the years, and we know that she has put a huge amount of time and effort into this, even giving up her free time by responding to emails both outside school hours and at weekends, as well taking the time to work with all the years parents on their presentations as needed.

The fact that this was pulled off at such short notice is definitely a credit to you, your teachers and the school."

Current parent, October 2020

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for your work on this week's Diversity Week.

While the issues and nuances around diversity, equity and inclusion are very difficult to share with young children in a meaningful way, it's clear that so many helpful and necessary principles and thoughts were conveyed -- notably about respect and tolerance.

Our daughter came home from school keen to share her experiences; she certainly grasped the concept that everyone should be considered as equal and have access to the same opportunities, whatever their race, religion or background. This is something we have spoken about at home -- and believe in very strongly -- and so it was great to have the reinforcement coming from school.

Again, so many thanks for all your efforts: they are very much appreciated."

Current parent, October 2020

"I wanted to say thank you [to Ms Horsborough] for all your efforts towards introducing and promoting diversity to the kids last week. It was such a meaningful week, and was equally appreciated by the children and the parents. This can be a nuanced topic but it’s so important to introduce these principals of inclusion and equality early.  This initiative has hopefully laid a positive foundation on which the children will continue to build.

[My son] has come home excited about all that he’s learned about diversity, and wants to grow up to be an explorer. He also seems more cognisant of biases, and picked up a book we’ve owned for years labelled “books for bright boys”, asking why it’s labelled as such, since “the girls in my class like fire engines too”.  We’ve discussed equality and inclusion at length at home, and appreciate that he’s hearing those messages at school as well.

Thank you again for always being open and for all your efforts, they’re really appreciated. You’re instilling a real love of learning in [my son!]"

Current parent, October 2020

The teachers have worked so hard to provide the best home school for the age group. They have adapted and added in new sessions to give the children as positive an experience as they can.

Current Year 1 parent, February 2021 (period of home-schooling)

We love seeing the teachers and school friends on Google Meet - always so nice to see everyone and feel connected/less isolated. We also like the pre-recorded lessons - the teachers have obviously put so much effort into teaching and making it all fun.

Current Year R parent, February 2021 (homeschool)

The pre-recorded lessons are extremely helpful, my child struggles with English, and having the ability to pause and discuss aspects of the lesson greatly improves his understanding. The teacher's lessons, in particular, are excellent for this and very engaging.

Current Year 1 parent, February 2021

"[I like] The friendly collegiate atmosphere in both nursery and the main school and small class sizes in the main school. I also like that the school is co-educational and wish that it continued to be so until age 11. The teaching staff are committed and supportive and genuinely enjoy watching the children develop. The nursery is a lovely place for the children to learn in a caring and supportive environment."

Current parent, March 2020

"The children are taught in an imaginative way and in constant, close communication with parents and the way children are supported individually to progress, push and develop their individual strengths and needs within the more general team environment."

Current parent, March 2020

"CBPPS has a warm, safe, inviting environment - it was a feeling both my husband & I got when first visiting the school. And felt that it stood out from the rest of the other local schools. I also feel that my daughter is being taught to reach her full potential but at a pace that is comfortable for her."

Current parent, March 2020

"The relaxed and friendly atmosphere and the kindness of the staff. Good academic results without ridiculous pressure."

Current parent, March 2020

"The school ethos and the nurturing environment for children. It’s a highly academic school and I love the way they make learning so fun. My eldest son who has left the school still talks about his positive experience at CBPPS - it was a brilliant foundation for him. My youngest can’t wait for Mondays on the weekend. The new concept of the buddy system is also a winning formula! My son talks positively about his buddy; cherishes his friendship with her and feels secure/safe that he has a Year 5 looking out for him. "

Current parent, March 2020

"Small school with nice supportive teachers and parents.  Excursions and trips are well thought through.  My son is genuinely happy to attend school."

Current parent, March 2020

"Very warm and nurturing environment.  Strong academic focus.  Instilling good community values."

Current parent, March 2020

"CBPPS is a caring and nurturing environment. The teachers take time to get to know the individuals and what makes them tick both on academic and personal levels. Children get a chance to be involved in outside of school activities such as games against other schools, swimming galas, science fairs, running, maths quizzes etc. The school trips are varied from Christmas pantos, Legoland, Odds Farm, museums and other outings. I also like that the trips are changing as I've noticed some new ones added such as the Sky trip."

Current parent, March 2020

"The nurturing atmosphere and small size of the school helps the children to become confident and independent individuals."

Current parent, March 2020

"The school feels like a community whilst also being academically strong with great teaching and sound values. My child is very happy at school, has made some good friends and is progressing well. I feel well supported as a parent by the school."

Current parent, March 2020

"Great teachers, amazing ethos, wonderful values, lovely and kind environment. Sensible and sound."

Past parent, March 2020

"Year 5 and 6 teaching has been excellent. Our daughter coped well with the 11+ process due to feeling capable and prepared, which is influenced by school as well as home."

Past parent, March 2020

"A small school with a community feeling and a selection of very dedicated, outstanding teachers."

Past parent, March 2020

"We have had 2 children at the school over the last 7 years. The headmistress and all the staff are warm and friendly. Our children are very happy here and literally run into school every day and come out at the end full of stories and wanting to share experiences.

There is something very special about this school and the girls that leave it at 11. There is no arrogance about them, but they are self-assured and confident. Skills that will stand them in good stead as they go onto secondary school.

Communication with the school has changed in a positive way over past 7 years and has a real open door policy. We love the fact that all the staff know our children well.

The teaching is excellent especially as the children move through the school into the senior classes. The children are well prepared for 11+ exams and seem to approach these exams with confidence and enthusiasm.

The school is small, however it makes excellent use of the facilities available in Chiswick

If we had to choose a primary school again for our children we would without a doubt choose CBPPS. "

Past parents, August 2014

"It is a wonderful thing as parents to have children who love going to school and who come home bursting to tell you something special about their day. As we've progressed through the school, each of the nursery and class teachers at Chiswick & Bedford Park have taken their time to get to know our children as individuals and are helping them to learn and grow in a supportive environment. The relatively small size of the school also means that the children really do know each other, from Reception right up to Year 6, and are not lost in a sea of unknown other people. For our family, the school offers a special combination of producing excellent academic results and very happy children. "

Past parent, August 2014

"CBPPS is a very caring and nurturing school with lovely, hard working staff who have all achieved the best for each and every one of my children. The school feels like 'home from home' and a safe, friendly environment for the children to work in whilst also achieving excellent academic results. All four of my children have attended CBPPS and the staff have treated them all individually and focused on what they are good at, bringing out the best in each one of them. I have recommended the school to my friends and neighbours and will continue to do so. The Headmistress is outstanding in my view who has been extremely supportive and caring beyond the call of duty. I couldn't have asked for a better start to my children's education."

Past parent, August 2014

"Our son loves his school and is very happy there.  He feels very secure and nurtured at Chiswick and Bedford Park.  The small class sizes mean that he gets lots of individual attention which I think is vital in the Early Learning Years.  He absolutely adores his excellent teachers and feels very encouraged by them in all that he does, even areas he finds challenging.

The school allows the children to express themselves in all areas, albeit on a smaller scale than some schools, but in my opinion the cosy size suits the boys of his age as a bigger school would probably overwhelm them.  There are plenty of opportunities for sport, music, art, drama and other extracurricular activities such as outings and trips.  Parents are also encouraged to accompany these trips which the children really seem to enjoy.

At Chiswick and Bedford Park our son is really appreciated for the kind of person he is and what he brings to his class and I think this is one of the school's great strengths. From the parents' point of view this manifests itself in the approachable nature of the Headmistress, all the teachers and secretaries, and the opportunity to chat to them and to other parents at the beginning and end of each day.

We shall be very sad when he has to leave at the end of Year 2. "

Past parent, August 2014

"I see the progress my children have made in the years they have been at Chiswick and Bedford Park preparatory school and my husband and I are very pleased. They have become confident, independent, and respectful children who love to learn. They are the first to get in when the school door opens in the morning and very excited to come home each day and share all they have learnt and accomplished. "

Past parent, August 2014

"I think you can sum up what the school is really like, when every day your children are enthusiastic about going to school – this speaks volumes in terms of the school, how they operate and the quality of their staff. "

Past parent, August 2014

"I would like to say that the school has made my son flourish. The quality of the teaching, the professionalism of teachers and the support we had all along those years has been outstanding. I could not dream of a better environment for my child to learn to love school, books, learning more. We will miss the school and we cannot wait to have my second boy joining soon."

Past parent, August 2014

"As parents we have always felt supported and able to raise any concerns.  We feel that the school has a strong set of values.  We are grateful for the extremely hard work, commitment and thoughtful approach of all the staff, including teachers and non-teaching staff.  There have been many times when staff have "gone the extra mile" for us.

Chiswick and Bedford Park has offered a stable and caring environment for both children. Our daughter has grown from a shy child to a much more confident girl, who is curious, resourceful and increasingly able to think independently.  We have been particularly delighted with the music, where her teachers have believed in her and she has gone from strength to strength.  We have also been impressed by the general creativity throughout the school, which is reflected in her written and art work.  She is not afraid to try new things.  She often impresses us with her maturity and her insights.

At Chiswick and Bedford her brother also became much more confident and able to express himself.  The school was very good at bringing out his academic potential.  He is happy in his new school and the transition was smooth.

In summary both children have been happy at their first school and we feel very fortunate to have been able to send them to Chiswick and Bedford Park.  We know it will have laid a firm foundation for the rest of their education and beyond."


Past parent, August 2014

"Gentle and caring teachers for the children, with a great balance of youth and experience. Additionally, the administrative staff are very helpful always.

The communication between the school and ourselves is good, and I find the teachers very receptive when I would like to talk about an individual child or cannot make a parent’s evening.

While the school does not have much grounds as compared with other schools, I think this is a real plus, a close and safe environment for the children. (On a personal note, I don’t remember it feeling small when I was a pupil!!)

I hope my children will send their children to C&B too! "

Parent and ex-pupil, August 2014

"CBPPS has been the perfect school for our son. He has absolutely blossomed, personally and academically, over the last 4 years. I genuinely attribute this to the wonderful teachers, and the incredibly happy and positive learning environment he has experienced there.

The school's teaching style works really well for him, and he seemed to learn to read and write effortlessly - the Reception teachers obviously have a magical approach.

When it came to preparing for 7+ exams, I felt very supported by the school, and Mrs Waldmeyer particularly, who was always happy to chat about any concerns. If anything, the school was much more relaxed about the exam process than me, and kept us all very calm.

Our son loves the school being small, and that he knows it so well. I think he finds it quite a homely environment, and he feels totally safe and secure. Although he is quite a sporty boy, he has been happy with the amount of outside space, and over the years I've enjoyed hearing about all the imaginative games the children devise together during breaktimes.

He has made so many good friends at CBPPS. The class know each other so well, because many of them have been together since they were 3 years old. Although we do not live in Chiswick, this has not been a problem - there have been lots of playdates, picnics in the holidays, and of course parents' evenings out!  "

Past parent, August 2014

"The children are taught from day one the importance of respect and consideration of others, this includes their teachers and their peers.

They are allowed to work at their own pace in certain key subjects such as maths and this really allows them to progress at an individual pace. "

Past parent, August 2014

" My experience at CBPPS could not have been better. My primary education was of the highest standard: throughout my seven years there, I was supported and encouraged to develop my interests and ambitions; the teachers were not only thorough but understanding and I was always given the opportunity to ask questions. The facilities were excellent and contributed immensely to our learning. The atmosphere was phenomenally welcoming and the friendships I made there were firm and lasting. When it came time to take my examinations, CBPPS had prepared me for not only the academic rigour of the tests but the adaptation to life at secondary school that came afterwards. I would not hesitate to recommend the school to anyone who wants to develop a thirst for learning and a solid educational foundation for further schooling and the demands of the outside world."

Past pupil, August 2014