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Form 2 Class Assembly

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On Friday 13th March, Form 2 rounded off an excellent week of science with a class assembly on animals and the environment. All the children worked very hard to learn their lines, along with a song and tree-inspired dance. Well done to the class for their lovely performances, we all learnt a lot about forests, habitats and the animals that dwell within them.

Form 4 visit the Museum of Brands

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On Thursday 12th March, Form 4 enjoyed visiting the Museum of Brands in Notting Hill, London. As part of their science week studies, the class went to look at how product packaging has changed throughout the 20th & 21st Century and issues of package sustainability. After visiting the museum, the class then worked in groups to design these brilliant posters to illustrate sustainability.

Form 3 Hockey Fixture

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On Tuesday 10th March, Form 3 had a fantastic afternoon taking part in their first hockey fixtures against Orchard House School.

The class were divided into two teams (Blues and Purples) to play against Orchard House. Despite only having a couple of hockey lessons this year, you certainly couldn’t tell they were playing their first matches , winning 2 and drawing 3 of their 6 games played.

The Blues and Purples both demonstrated fantastic team work in attacking and defending, with all of them being assertive in their play and effectively contributing to their teams’ performances.

The girls will continue to work on their spacing out and structure across the pitch during lessons, which will allow them to attack with greater speed through passing over longer distances using the width and height on the pitch.

Thank you to all of the parents who came and supported the Form 3 in their matches, we hope you enjoyed it as much as they did!

World Book Day Workshop with Abie Longstaff

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On Friday 6th March the children’s author Abie Longstaff visited Chiswick & Bedford Park Preparatory School. The children thoroughly enjoyed her interactive assembly, where the school worked together to storyboard a new book, and engaging workshop which included activities such as designing a book cover.

Thank you Abie for helping us to celebrate World Book Day!

You can see photographs of the day in our school gallery.

Form 3 visit the British Museum

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On Thursday 5th March, Form 3 visited the British Museum in London.

As part of their project on the Ancient Egyptians the class took part in a workshop at the Samsung Discovery Centre, the museum’s state-of-the-art technological hub for children and young people. There they decoded tomb paintings which depicted the hobbies of those buried, before designing tomb paintings based on their own favourite activities. Here are some of their creative designs!

Nursery Celebrate World Book Day

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On Thursday 5th March, Nursery celebrated World Book Day. The children dressed up as their favourite literary characters and listened to many stories. The teacher’s performance of The Little Pigs was thoroughly enjoyed and the children even re-enacted the story themselves the following day!

World Book Day Celebrations!

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On Thursday 5th March, the pupils and teachers at Chiswick & Bedford Park joined in with a variety of activities in celebration of World Book Day. This year the whole school took part in a read-a-thon, where every class teacher visited each form to read them an extract from a beloved children’s story. Form 2 then had a wonderful time designing bookmarks and decorating Golden Tickets from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Computing Club Create GIFs!

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This half term Form 4 have been creating simple animations in their computing lessons. Taking part in computing club, one of the class decided to take it a step further and use their newly acquired computing skills to produce a superb animation. She spent over 35 minutes crafting her animation and thinking about what she wanted to achieve.  The final result is stunning.

This single animation took 105 photos (also called frames) to complete.

Forms 5 & 6 ‘Magistrates in the Community’ Workshop

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On Tuesday 3rd March, Forms 5 and 6 were lucky to be visited by ‘Magistrates in the Community’.  Two Magistrates ran a workshop where each form took part in a discussion around the role of the magistracy, the rules we all live by and the age of criminal responsibility, before taking part in a “mock trial.”  Each student took a different role within a magistrates’ court – being either the magistrates, the legal advisor, the court usher, the defence or prosecution teams, a witness or, of course, the defendants.  The students were absolutely superb in their deliberations of the evidence presented to them in the trial and made considered decisions regarding the innocence (or not) of the defendants in each case.

Thank you to ‘Magistrates in the Community’ for visiting CBPPS.

Artist of the Month – March

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The CBPPS Artist of the Month for March is Andy Warhol, the iconic 20th Century artist, producer and director.
Some of his most famous pop art paintings include the Campbell’s Soup Cans, Triple Elvis and Marilyn Diptych. You can see many of  his well-known works of art in an upcoming exhibition at the Tate Modern from Thursday 12th March.
Many thanks for bringing in your children’s excellent Van Gogh pictures in February. We look forward to seeing their creative, pop art inspired artwork this month!