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On Wednesday 18th May, 41 members of the CBPPS choir traveled to the Royal Festival Hall to take part in the Barnardo’s Young Supporters Concert. The children had worked very hard to learn an amazing 14 songs off by heart – and their efforts were rewarded as they joined 500 primary school children from across the country to sing in a wonderful concert for this very important charity.

Form 5 Visit to the Ragged School Museum

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Form 5 girls experienced a glimpse of Victorian life during their visit to The Ragged School Museum. They had a lesson with Mrs Perkins in one of Dr Barnardo’s original classrooms. They enjoyed writing on slates, reciting rhymes and even wearing dunce hats, back straighteners and finger stocks!

They also enjoyed exploring the utensils and artefacts of a Victorian kitchen.

RW’s assembly

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Reception W had great fun performing their assembly about the emergency services. They sang songs, performed a dance and shared some interesting facts about their visit to the Chiswick Fire Station. We decorated the stage with some of their Art work and they all worked together to make a big fire engine. Well done RW!

Reception S Class Assembly

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Reception S delighted pupils and parents with their class assembly on Friday 5 February 2016. Scientists from the Halley Research Station in Antarctica relayed some interesting facts about Antarctica, the icicles performed a shimmering dance and the penguins delighted everyone with the story of Cuddly Dudley.

Cambridge Footlights success for former CBPPS pupil Sarah Creedy-Smith

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Congratulations to former CBPPS pupil Sarah Creedy-Smith who has been offered a place with the prestigious Cambridge Footlights on their 2016 national and international tour.

After 7 years at CBBPS in Form 6 Sarah won an academic scholarship to Downe House and subsequently won a further Drama Scholarship there. Sarah left Downe House in 2015 to read English Drama and Education at Cambridge where her talent was swiftly recognised.

Sarah will be the only female performer and the only fresher in the cast. She will be performing at the Comedy Store in London in July, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August and then the international tour will take her to the USA in September. The tour finishes with a run in Cambridge at the ADC Theatre in October.

”I am so very grateful for my terrific start in the world of drama and all good creative things at Chiswick and Bedford”, Sarah shared with her former drama teacher, Mrs. Stanley Carrol.   


Value of the Month: Positivity

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At CBPPS we are constantly looking for ways to help our pupils become effective learners and good citizens. As part of this aim, we introduced ‘Value of the Month’. The ‘Value of the Month’ is announced in a whole school assembly at the start of each month, discussed during PSHE lessons and each class will have the opportunity to choose the next month’s value. We believe that, by embedding these values in our curriculum, we can encourage our pupils to develop the social and relationship skills necessary to succeed.


September’s Value of the Month was: Friendship, Chosen by Reception

October’s Value of the Month was: Courtesy, Chosen by Form 6

November’s Value of the Month was: Loyalty, Chosen by Form 5

January’s Value of the Month is: Positivity, Chosen by Form 1C