Young People’s Poetry Competition 2018

By All School News

Congratulations to all our prize winners in the Chiswick Book Festival Young People’s Poetry Competition 2018:

  • Form 4 – Chloe and Emily
  • Form 5 – Sophie and Phoebe
  • Form 6 – Jennifer, Emma, Kitty and Maddie

They were thrilled to receive their prizes ad certificates from Roger McGough on Friday 14th September.

Form 3 visit to Alice Holt Forest School

By All School News

The girls in Form 3 had a fantastic day out at the Alice Holt Forest School. They found and held a slow-worm (legless lizard), collected silver birch bark ‘paper’ for tinder, learnt to identify and ate beech nuts and wood sorrel. The main highlights for most of the girls were probably building a den, learning to use a flint to light a fire over which they toasted marshmallows and walking Harry, the four-legged companion of our team leader, Nigel.

It all made for a great start to the year!

Value of the month – September

By All School News

Responsibility is about doing all you can to be the best person possible.

Responsibility is:

  • being kind and helping others
  • taking care of things
  • being a good friend
  • making good choices
  • keeping yourself and others safe
  • looking after the environment
  • helping to make the world a better place

 “The time is always right to do what is right.”

(Martin Luther King Jr)